PROCESS COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY, INC. O and S908 Quantum and 800 Series I/O with GATEWAY 16000 and Profilink.908 ® PCM/MUX cabinetry. An Interprocessor Communication (IPC) link between the redundant GATEWAY 16000 pair introduces up to 3 levels of fault tolerance. ® PCM/MUX cabinetry. ® is a trademark of Nova Tech Process Solutions, LLC (NPS). PCT is not affiliated with NPS in any manner. Any D/3® parts repaired, refurbished, upgraded, or manufactured by PCT are warranted solely by PCT. Part numbers beginning with PCT are manufactured by PCT. All other parts are refurbished equipment.

Migrate Your D/3 DCS® to a New Control System!

The PCT GATEWAY 16000 is an engineered solution for users of the D/3 DCS® to migrate to an Open Control System without the expense of replacing the existing I/O and field wiring.  The GATEWAY 16000 converts the signal from the D/3 ® I/O multiplexers to a standard Profibus DP signal while retaining redundancy and enhancing fault tolerance.  The Gateway is then connected to the control system of your choice that supports Profibus DP.

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